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Name: Jan Eliasen
Address: Engbovej 22
Zip and city: 9200 Aalborg SV
Country: Denmark
Email: jan@eliasen.dk
Birthdate: 27'th May 1976
MSN: jan@eliasen.dk
Skype: jan.eliasen
Phone: +45 61334242
Social status: Divorced and has two sons


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Hi, and welcome to my collection of BizTalk artefacts. This homepage contains links to articles, adapters, white papers, and much much more, which I have collected during my years as a BizTalk architect and developer.

If you have any information you'd like listed on this homepage or perhaps a link to your (BizTalk) blog, please contact me.

This web site started out as a word document on my laptop, where I tried keeping track og lots of white papers, nifty functoids, and so on. But, as it usually goes with documents on a laptop, I ended up needing the information from places, where I didn't ahve access to my laptop. Therefore, I decided to put all the information on a web site instead.

For a better compilation of BizTalk stuff, consider looking at BizTalk 24x7, which is a great site run by a fellow BizTalk MVP.

The design for this page was found at Open Source Web Design, which I recommend to all of you, who like me can't seem to put two colors together :-)